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The "Audit Binder" Available Now: Fully Editable Docs Answering All UBH/Optum Audit Criteria

You’ve heard all about the grueling UBH/Optum audit prospective autism treatment providers need to pass to get contracted. It’s been described as nothing short of a Herculean undertaking with, until now, little or no help or direction available.

Before you fly into a frenzy trying to “figure it out” and waste precious time and resources, consider this: ATPIAN’s “audit binder” of fully-editable documents answers all the UBH/Optum audit requirements.

ATPIAN electronic audit binder small image.jpg

Every single one of the agencies that has used these documents to prepare for their UBH audit has passed successfully, with most scoring a perfect 100% on all three audit tools (Testimonials).

The electronic “Audit Binder” includes a complete set of fully editable sample documents and templates in .doc, .docx format including:

  • Administrative policies, procedures and forms

  • Clinical documents including policies, procedures, forms, tools and screeners

  • Intake documents including forms, questionnaires, releases and policies

  • Personnel documents including forms, releases and check lists

  • Report Templates incorporating (often unknown) audit requirements

  • Safety and Security Documents including policies, plans and procedures

  • Treatment Forms incorporating audit requirements and recommended text

  • A complete table of contents

  • Step by step instructions on how to prepare and present your audit materials for both a live and remote audit

  • Optional consulting support services, including:

  • Review and recommendations of provider’s edited versions of sample docs and templates

  • “Mock audit” to ensure that all docs have been properly adapted to agency needs while continuing to meet with audit requirements as well as state specific legal and regulatory requirements

  • Participation in actual audit

Passing the three-part audit is the final step required to complete the UBH/Optum contracting process. In other words, being unprepared for your audit could cost you your contract; while being well prepared will get you on the road to referrals from a major funding source.

If you've started the contracting process with UBH, the audit is part of what it will take to get to the finish line. But, unlike those before you, now there's real, practical help available. Contact ATPIAN today!

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