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It's your call  -- we're here to help, consult, coach and play as active a role as you want or need in the insurance credentialing, contracting and paneling process.  



Tailored to YOUR  Individual Needs

Just starting the contracting process


Becoming an in-network provider is a complicated and daunting process.  Where do we begin? What does the authorization process involve? How long will it take? What documents will we need? Does our practice get authorized or does each therapist/provider? Is there an audit?  We know that these are just a few of the questions you likely have as you face the arduous task of getting your practice credentialed and contracted as an in network provider.  We can help answer these questions and many more.

Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large practice, ATPIAN will start you on the path to in-network autism treatment provider status by performing a careful analysis of where you and your practice stand with regard to what we've learned the insurance companies require.  The evaluation involves a review of your treatment providers, who does what and how they do it; your clinical and administrative processes and procedures; your data tracking and reporting methods; client and employee privacy (HIPAA) issues; as well as your practice's physical space. The results of the analysis give us the information we need to help you, your practice and your practitioners get into insurance authorization condition.

ATPIAN serves as your partner throughout the entire credentialing and process. We will ensure that you know what to anticipate at every step of the way and work with you to successfully progress through each phase of the process all the way to completion -- We've been through this process many times. ATPIAN will take care of the maze of procedural requirements and will partner with you and your staff in compiling the various packages the insurance companies require.

Your specialty is providing your clients and their families with the best autism treatments. Let us put our specialty to work for you so you can focus on what you care about most  -- your clients!.

Prepairing for your Initial Audit


United Behavioral Health/Optum requires the successful completion of an audit --on-site or remote -- as the final step in the contracting process.  Preparing for the audit has been described as a “herculean effort”, and the sad fact is if you’ve not made the effort you will not pass.  

The audit encompasses your services, your client and personnel files and your facilities. At last count it involved nearly 190 policies, procedures, documents, issues, forms and templates indicating that your practice and practitioners meet with the necessary standards and requirements.

Do you have everything you need to pass the audit successfully? How do you know if you are actually ready? How do you know if what you have prepared is sufficient/meets the necessary standards?

Over the past several years of specializing in assisting autism treatment providers just like you, we have helped nearly 30 agencies prepare for their UBH audits.  100% of our clients have passed and more than half of them have scored a perfect 100% on all three audit tools.

Our individualized consulting services and continuously updated sample documents have proven themselves time and again to be audit worthy.

Whether you just want to verify that you really are ready or you need help understanding what it will take to get ready and then actually get it all done, ATPIAN has both the knowledge and the experience to help.  

Not getting expert advice before your audit could cost you your UBH/Optum contract.

Mid-Process and Stuck


The contracting and credentialing process is fraught with pit falls and “black holes”. How do you know if you’ve submitted everything the way the insurance companies want it? How can you confirm that they have actually received what you sent and that It’s been “entered” into their system? Where do you stand in the process? How do you know what the entire process actually involves? Are there steps you aren’t even aware of?

A big part of the “challenge” in completing the credentialing and contracting process is knowing what is required and what to anticipate, often allusive information.

ATPIAN can assist you in following up on your applications, ascertaining your status and making sure that your package is complete. We will also assist you in submitting any outstanding documents or information necessary to keep your application moving forward. Sadly, if things languish too long without being properly attended to, your application may “expire” requiring that start from scratch. You may also be sidelined for 6-12 months before being “allowed” to reapply.

ATPIAN will give you a sense of the entire process, beginning to end, so you can prepare accordingly.

Documentation Tool-Kit Exclusively For Autism Treatment Providers


Essential clinical and administrative documents, safety and security forms, report templates, policies and procedures and much much more...


  • Our fully-editable documents tool-kit is a MUST for both new and veteran autism treatment providers and agencies of all sizes

  • Specifically created for autism treatment providers (and not repurposed from another “related” field)

  • The document set includes detailed policies and procedures, client/family intake forms and questionnaires, assessment, treatment plan and report templates, consents, releases, coordination of care documents and letters, and many other required and helpful documents

  • The forms, samples and templates are provided in Word (.doc and .docx) format for easy adaptation to your specific needs

  • Field-tested to meet the needs of both autism treatment providers and insurance companies


The use and implementation of all of these documents will improve agency-wide consistency, efficiency and overall service efficacy.


Special Projects


ATPIAN has a tremendous track-record of success in this previously uncharted domain of assisting autism treatment providers with their insurance contracting needs and we have built a solid reputation as “experts” in the field.

It would be our pleasure to assist you in addressing any issues you may have. Please let us know what we can do to help.

Audit Prep

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